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    When Crisis Hits, Don't Be Helpless.

    Be The HERO!

    My Food Storage offers high-quality, long-term food storage products because you never know when a crisis will hit.

    Your Family Depends On You...
    You Can Depend On Us!


    Get 2 times more food at a price you can afford.


    We stand behind the delicious taste and quality of our food.


    Rest assured, your prepared with food made to last 25 years.

    Don't Delay... Get Your Food Storage in 3 Simple Options!

    Emergency Food Kit

    Recommended most by disaster responders and survival experts, our Emergency Food Kits are perfect for any emergency or natural disaster. These food kits provide 3 days to 1 month of food storage to help you outlast any unpredictable situation.

    Monthly Food Subscription

    Not ready to get all of your food storage at once, but know you need to build a supply? No Problem! All Emergency Food Kits have the option to a subscription plan where you can build your supply up monthly. Simply pick the product you want to subscribe to and you will get an extra 10% OFF. Cancel anytime.

    Long Term Food Storage

    Short Term Kits are great for small natural disasters, but not enough for global emergencies and disasters. Get peace of mind, and become the hero when you prepare with Long Term Food Storage. Available in 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, and 1 Year Supplies.


    "High quality products from this reliable company. They always have great stuff. I bought everything I needed and was happy with the price."

    - Ken, TX

    "Food is great. Actually tastes better than expected. The customer service girls told me they eat it for lunch sometimes and I believe it."

    - Mark, OR

    "Myfoodstorage ships quicker than any other food storage company I've tried. I only waited a few days instead of a few months for delivery!"

    - Michael, CA

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    Don't Know Where to Start with Food Storage?

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    When crisis hits, don’t be helpless. Be the HERO!

    It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. We believe being a hero starts before a disaster even occurs…with FOOD STORAGE. So don't regret not being ready when your family needs you most. Let us help you be the hero that your family needs when disaster strikes. Their survival may depend on it.