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    Meats, Sides & Drinks

    Gourmet Seasoned Freeze Dry Meat

    Preparation is the key to overcoming the obstacles brought by disasters and emergencies, and this is what we aim to achieve at My Food Storage. As a premier provider of emergency food kits, we offer high-quality freeze dried meat in Utah to serve as your daily sustenance during unexpected situations or disasters. With our products, you don't have to worry about the lack of food supplies for your family.

    Fruits & Vegetables

    Here at My Food Storage, we are constantly working on providing a bigger and better food supply to fit your needs and impress your taste buds. With our freeze dried fruits and veggies, we’ve done just that. This delicious and fresh natural produce is the perfect addition to your long term food storage meals, and also great for snacking, giving you energy and comfort to get you through any emergency situation. Handpicked and freeze dried fresh, these fruits and vegetables are the highest quality, with the best taste, texture and nutritional value.

    Packed inside our nitrogen flushed Mylar pouches, our vegetables carry a great 25 year shelf life, and our fruits are not far behind with a 20 year shelf life. Then, sealed safely inside our square 4-5 gallon buckets, your supply is easy to store and convenient to grab on the go. With all the sweetness you crave and the nutrients your body needs, these freeze dried fruits and veggies truly deliver.

    Instant Milk

    Long-term whey milk is a delicious and nutritious addition to your food supply. This premium quality product comes in powder form, prepared in seconds by simply adding water. Instant milk has a 25 year shelf life and is sealed in 12 serving Mylar pouches. Pouches are packed inside of durable square buckets, each weighing about 6 lbs. Drink milk alone, incorporate into your favorite recipes, or add to our long-term cereals for a more complete breakfast.