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    Gourmet Seasoned Freeze Dry Meat

    Preparation is the key to overcoming the obstacles brought by disasters and emergencies, and this is what we aim to achieve at My Food Storage. As a premier provider of emergency food kits, we offer high-quality freeze dried meat in Utah to serve as your daily sustenance during unexpected situations or disasters. With our products, you don't have to worry about the lack of food supplies for your family.

    Perfect for Any Type of Emergency Food Storage

    Our emergency meat packages are seasoned with the best ingredients to produce delectable flavors. You can add them to any food storage ingredients and make your favorite meals. Unlike other dehydrated, preserved meat, our products retain their natural color, nutrition, texture, and taste to make every dish appetizing.

    Quick Preparations for Your Meals

    You don't need to worry about using a stove or finding fuel with My Food Storage. All you need to do is add water to the product and combine other ingredients. In just a few minutes, your meals are ready for serving.

    Individual Pouches for Long-Term Storage and Consumption

    We pack our gourmet freeze-dried meat in individual pouches to preserve the food's shelf life — our products can last up to 15 years under proper storage conditions. The pouches are placed in a durable Grab and Go container for convenient storage and transport during emergencies. With our smart packaging, you don't need to haul a trailer of canned goods around when you need to move out of your home.