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    Emergency Food Kits

    Emergency Food Kits

    Survival and Emergency Food Supply from My Food Storage

    Every family or individual must have sufficient supply of food and water in case of disasters or other emergencies. If you need to stock up on your survival food, My Food Storage is your best choice.

    We are your one-stop source for long-term, emergency food storage in Utah. Whether you're running low on survival supplies or looking for additional items for your doomsday stash, we'll give you more than enough options to last you many years.

    Offering Quality and Variety for Every Emergency Supply

    My Food Storage gives you more than something to munch on during hard times; we provide you with the best treat to satisfy your taste. Our survival food supply includes a wide range of entrees that you can prepare in just a few minutes. From your favorite breakfast choices to gourmet freeze-dried entrée, our emergency food will leave you fully satisfied down to the last bite.

    Providing Easy-to-Store Supply Kits

    Not enough space in your pantry? This won't be a problem with our emergency food kit. Our products are sealed in small pouches and placed in durable buckets, making them easier to stack in your kitchen cabinets or emergency pantry. The watertight buckets also protect the products from exposure and spoilage—our food supplies have a shelf life of 25 years.

    As they say, "You can't win a fight with an empty stomach." Make sure your appetite is fully satisfied with emergency food supply from My Food Storage. Buy from our company today and forget about the worries of preparing your emergency food stash tomorrow!