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    6 Month Supply

    6 Month Supply

    Long Term Food Storage

    Early preparations go a long way, and this is exactly what we provide at My Food Storage. As a premier supplier of long term food storage, we give you the best freeze-dried products to help you prepare for the unexpected.

    Whether you need new supplies for your emergency pantry or for your upcoming nature trip, our selection can provide you with more choices than any other food storage supplier in the market.

    Food Storage Made Easy

    Most people cram their kitchen cabinets with canned goods and food packs, only to realize later the amount of space that these items are taking up. With My Food Storage, you don't need to worry about having a small space for your long term food supply kit.

    Our food kits come in eco-friendly plastic buckets that you can easily stack in your pantry or carry in your car. The buckets protect the food pouches from exposure to the sun and oxygen, contributing to their long shelf life.

    We make food preparations simple—no more chopping of ingredients or waiting for the food to cook on the stove. You only need to add water to our food packs, so you can enjoy real, delectable food in just a few minutes. This makes our food supply kits the ideal choice in times of power outage or emergencies.

    Order from Us!

    Get the best selection of food storage packs at low prices from My Food Storage. Contact us today and experience convenience and satisfaction for your long-term food supply.