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    Have you started on your food storage? At a time when natural calamities seem so frequent and geopolitical instability are so intense, preparing for the uncertain future has never been this crucial for our families. These preparations include food storage.

    There are plenty of reasons why many people fail to start on their food storage endeavors. We’ve heard all kinds of excuses. Some people think there’s still plenty of time to do it. Others believe that they have enough to get along when an emergency strikes. Some simply don’t think about it at all.

    Now is not the time to make excuses. It’s always easy to make up one justification or another on why you’re procrastinating. If you are not feeling the urgency to kickstart your food storage and preparation, perhaps these pointers can help you drop those excuses so you can work on it as soon as possible. Here are some of the biggest reasons people avoid food storage.

    1. No Idea where to start

    This is a convenient excuse from many people who delay getting food storage. Everything you need to learn about food storage is widely available on the Internet. Better yet, you can always ask some of your friends and family for more helpful tips.

    We understand starting on an undertaking such as food storage can be too overwhelming for some people. Naturally, it will also take considerable effort and time to put all the things that you need. But like they always say, do it in baby steps.

    Research, read, learn, ask questions, and get help. With just a dash of patience and a little perseverance, you can get this task done. You’ll thank yourself later on for pursuing this food storage endeavor when an emergency situation arises.

    2. Lack of Storage Space

    For many people, storage space is a big hindrance. This is particularly true for newlyweds or young couples who just moved into their starter homes or apartments. Having barely enough space is an issue. For space-saving ideas, there are plenty of online blogs that can give you excellent insights. Take a look at She Knows.

    3. Too busy

    An important point to consider. Food storage isn’t just limited to doomsday scenarios and similar emergency situations. It covers everything from preparing meals for the next day, to setting up for a week’s worth of food, to preparing for a month or two of unemployment.

    But contrary to what most people think, food storage doesn’t need to take too much time. There are plenty of ready-to-eat or easy-to-cook items that you can buy off the shelf with decent shelf life and reasonable nutrition. Make sure that these aren’t your only food storage, but they can certainly form a part of your repertoire.

    4. Money Constraints

    Monetary limitations are a legitimate concern. When the budget is tight, the Internet offers plenty of options that can fit your financial situation. Couponing can help, too. Watch for sales, especially on long-term storage foods like flour, sugar, dry beans, pasta, rice, etc. Stock up during those sales.

    One approach is to start using your food storage as a standard part of your meal planning, rotating through it to keep it fresh. Usually, foods that we use for food storage are more inexpensive than other foods we buy, which means this approach can help you save the money you need to expand your food storage. 

    Another option is to get the Monthly Food Plan from My Food Storage. This allows you to pick a low cost food storage item and begin to build your supply at a pace you can afford.

    5. Hoping for the Best

    When it comes to a national emergency, do you choose to pray for the best or take matters into your hands? If you ask us, we prefer the latter. Government aid may be limited, late in coming, or even non-existent. Neighbors and family may not have resources to help you.

    The survival of your family is your responsibility. You cannot just simply rely on the government or other people for your sustenance. So food storage should be a primary concern when it comes to your family’s welfare.

    Wondering where you can get your food storage essentials? Check out My Food Storage’s options for a wide variety of food products and recommendations. Choose from long-term food storage products, emergency food kits, water filters, and other survival supplies, and don't delay getting food storage any longer.