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    Most people think to store long term food and water along with first aid supplies, but what about medicine? Pills and ointments can expire relatively quickly and are expensive to rotate for preparedness, and you can run out quickly. On the other hand, tons of remedies can be found and sustained in nature, in common and easy-to-care-for plants. These herbal remedies have aided humans for thousands of years, and are a great way to care for your health in an emergency. Starting a medicinal prepper garden is a great way to supply your family with natural and cost effective remedies.

    Even if you're no green-thumb, growing these little plants is easy and well worth the time. Often, plants with medicinal properties are tough and require simple maintenance that allows them to thrive in the wild. Take a look at these ten plants to add to your medicinal prepper garden: all of these plants will tolerate potting, making them easy to garden in minimal space.

    10 Simple Medicinal Herbs that Smell Great!

    Aloe - Treats cuts, burns and rashes.

    Basil- Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, also can boost your immune system.

    Cayenne Pepper- Lowers blood pressure and can even stop heart attacks, also is great for relieving congestion and headaches.

    Ginger- Aids aching muscles and digestion, helps with stomach upset.

    Lavender- Antibacterial and can subdue anxiety or stress.

    Mint- Remedies upset stomach internally, externally relieves pain or itching from bites and stings.

    Parsley- Aids the kidneys and bladder, reduces fever and helps eliminate toxins.

    Rosemary- Good for digestion and blood pressure, boosts heart health.

    Sage- Sore throat remedy that also fights bacteria.

    Thyme- Aids digestion, cold symptoms and coughs while preventing parasites.

    All of these plants are relatively easy to maintain and do not require a lot of attention. They also thrive in pots, so you don't need land to grow them. In addition, you'll have a useful and great smelling herbal remedy garden that boosts your health and ease of mind in a crisis.  If you haven't already, don't forget to store long term food and water storage. Start with the basics, and work your way up. A prepper garden is an easy and fun way to prepare for the future without breaking your budget.



    In any sort of disaster crisis, your survival depends on a few major factors that help fuel your body's ability to pull through a rough situation. To secure your survival, make sure you address all of these threats in your emergency plan to keep your enemies at bay.

    1. Panic: This intense emotion is driven by anxiety and fear, and can blur your focus and performance in a crisis. It is important to remain calm and act wisely, stick to the plan and do not allow your emotions to get the best of you. Falling a part in the midst of a disaster will compromise your ability to survive.
    2. Temperature: If you are excessively hot or cold in a crisis, you will become fatigued and agitated. Extremely low or high temperatures can be life-threatening, which is why it is important to keep an alternate heating and cooling source. A generator can run a small space heater or fan without electricity.
    3. Thirst: We cannot survive very long without water, it is the most needed resource in our survival. Be sure to store water year-round, and rotate as needed. Keep enough to last your family at least a week, preferably much longer.
    4. Sleep Deprivation: Without sleep, parts of the body begin to shut down, starting with the brain. We cannot function without sleep, our ability to think and rationalize will quickly vanish, and our chance of survival dwindles.
    5. Injury: With limited resources in the midst of a disaster, especially if you are hunkered down, a small injury can quickly become fatal. The best way to secure your safety is to stay inside, away from potential hazards, and keep a well-stocked first aid kit.
    6. Boredom: In addition to your physical needs, like food and water, your mental and emotional needs are also vital to nurture in a crisis. Keep some games and books in your emergency supply to help stimulate your mind while waiting out the storm. This will also help to keep everyone calm and distracted from worry.
    7. Hunger: Hunger sets in quickly, and will soon affect all areas of your well-being: mental, physical and emotional. Without food you will not survive very long. Store a long-term supply of food that is easy to prepare and store. We recommend at least 3 months worth to start.

    It is important to remember all of these threats when preparing for disasters. Without proper preparation and planning, a crisis can be fatal. Avoid your enemies and secure your survival with your own long-term supply now.

    2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

    2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

    Father's Day is right around the corner but don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to buy the perfect gift for your dad. If your dad loves the outdoor life or prepping then he is really going to appreciate a gift that supports his hobbies and priorities.

    Whether your dad is a hiker, camper, prepper or just loves to be outdoors, we have picked our best products he is sure to use and love. Order within the next week to make sure you have it in time for Fathers Day.

    Also, spend $100 and get a FREE Aquamira Frontier Straw Filter & Free Shipping. Spend $300 and get a FREE Stove in a Can.



    Water Filters

    Our selection includes filtering systems to clean and purify your water source, ensuring it remains free from particles and other contaminants during emergency storage. These are equipped with grab-and-go features, so you can bring them anywhere.



    The award winning LifeStraw water filter features state-of-the-art purifying technology that surpasses EPA guidelines, to provide safe and drinkable water in any situation. It's ultra light weight design (only 2 oz) and accompanying lanyard make this filter the easiest grab-n-go water solution for the entire family. It is easy to use and effective against virtually all waterborne bacteria and protozoa.'

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    Aquamira Water Bottle

    The safe and convenient way to drink clear clean tasting water anywhere is the Aquamira Water Bottle and Filter system. This lightweight easy-to-use system is ideal for wilderness or adventure travel, daily use at home or work, camping, bicycling, emergency kits and more. It is easy for you and your family to have a continuous supply of safe drinking water

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    Katadyn Hiker Water Filter

    The Katadyn Hiker is the best selling microfilter in the US Outdoor Market. Lightweight and easy to use design is the best choice for all around use. Unique, pleated cartridge design provides fast and easy pumping. 

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    Stoves & Fuel

    Emergency Stoves and Fuel Sources are an important part of emergency preparation that shouldn’t be overlooked. Power outages happen out of nowhere and can leave you powerless for days or even weeks. We have several products to keep you covered for these situations


    Stove in a Can

    Stove In A Can is a portable, self-contained cooking platform that provides a great heat source for cooking. Virtually anything that can be cooked on a regular stove can be cooked on a Stove In A Can.

    Free When You Spend $300




    InstaFire Bucket

    InstaFire is a great fire starter. Composed of recycled wood, inert minerals and shielded with a patented blend of paraffin, InstaFire is inherently safe. Unlike similar products, InstaFire does not contain any harmful chemicals or vapors, making it a perfect choice for people, food and the environment.

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    Emergency Food Kit

    The CDC suggests that you pack a 3 day emergency supply kit to keep you safer and healthier during and after a disaster. Do you have one?


    2 Person 72 Hour Food Kit

    These light-weight 72 hour food kits are perfect for camping, emergency prep, or sampling. This kit contains 6 of our best selling entrees and is designed to last 2 adults 72 hours, eating 4 servings a day for a total of 24 servings. The 72 hour sampler kit has a 25 year shelf life.

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    Monthly Subscription Plan

    All our products have the option to a subscription plan where you can build your supply up monthly. Simply pick the product you want to subscribe to and you will get an extra 15% OFF our Current Sale Prices.  Up to 35% OFF.  Cancel anytime.


    56 Serving Breakfast and Entree

    Each 56 serving bucket gives 1 adult a 4 week supply of food or 4 adults a 1 week supply of food eating 1 breakfast serving and 1 entrée serving per day. Pouches each contain 4 servings for a total of 14 pouches. Meals provide a 25 year shelf life. These grab-and-go buckets are lightweight and provide easy transportation in an emergency.

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    84 Serving Breakfast and Entree

    Each 84 serving bucket gives 1 adult a month of food or 4 adults a week of food, when eating one breakfast and two entrees daily. Mylar pouches contain 4 servings each, totaling 21 pouches inside the bucket. All food in this bucket has a 25 year shelf life and is prepared by simply adding water. Compact buckets are perfect for emergencies when you need to grab and go.

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    Long Term Food Storage

    Early preparations go a long way, and this is exactly what we provide at My Food Storage. As a premier supplier of long term food storage, we give you the best freeze-dried products to help you prepare for the unexpected.


    360 Serving Package

    1 Month Supply - 3 servings of food per day for 4 adults, or 2 adults and 4 children. Also equals a 4 month supply for 1 adult, 3 servings a day.

    Our 360 serving long term package consists of 3 total buckets: 1 breakfast bucket and 2 entrée buckets. Buckets feature a lock-in stacking capability for secure and compact storage, without the need of shelving. Grab-and-go handles make these buckets easy to transport in an emergency. Food is freeze-dried and sealed in Mylar pouches containing 4 servings each. To prepare the food, just add waterFood has a 25 year shelf life.

    -    Bigger Servings
    -    Up to 2X More Food Than Competitors
    -    Food is Securely Sealed in Mylar Pouches
    -    Prepared in Seconds, Just Add Water
    -    No Artificial Colors or Flavors
    -    FREE Shipping 

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    720 Serving Package

    3 Month Supply - 2 servings of food per day for 4 adults, or 2 adults and 4 children. Also equals a 12 month supply for 1 adult, 2 servings a day.

    Our 720 serving long term package includes 6 total buckets: 3 entrée buckets and 3 breakfast buckets. Buckets feature a lock-in stackingcapability for compact and secure storage without the need of shelving. Grab-and-go handles make these buckets easy to transport in an emergency. Food is freeze-dried and sealed in Mylar pouches containing 4 servings each. To prepare the food, just add water. Food has a 25 year shelf life.

    -    Bigger Servings
    -    Up to 2X More Food Than Competitors
    -    Food is Securely Sealed in Mylar Pouches
    -    Prepared in Seconds, Just Add Water
    -    No Artificial Colors or Flavors
    -    FREE Shipping 

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    Get 20% OFF Long Term Food Storage 1080 Servings or more.

    Why Everyone Should Have a 72 Hour Survival Kit

    Why Everyone Should Have a 72 Hour Survival Kit

    Disaster can strike anytime and without warning. You need to be ready all the time. The first 72 hours after any disaster is dangerous as fuel and water may be scarce or power and communication lines may be severely damaged or the usual conveniences of modern living may not working. It is also during this time that public and safety rescue search teams may not be able to reach you. For your safety and also that of your family, you need to have a 72-hour survival kit. The first three days of any disaster is critical, which is why you need to be self-reliant to save yourself and your family. But keep in mind that a 72-hour emergency kit is not only useful during natural or man-made disasters but also during personal family crisis such as illness in the family, disability, or unemployment by the head of the family. A well-packed 72-hour survival kit can be a blessing while you wait for the next step to take.

    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has come up with guidelines that you can follow to help you and your family prepare. The CDC suggests that you pack an emergency supply kit to keep you safer and healthier during and after a disaster. A 72-hour emergency kit can be easily prepared but preparing your 72-hour survival kit is particularly crucial to your survival; there is a likelihood that you might fail to pack the essentials or you might miss an important item that is essential for your survival. You would also have to ensure that the food items that you pack in your kit could not only provide you and your family but also last your entire family for days, even weeks. The food items you pack must have a long shelf life and nutritiously filling to help you and your family cope with any disaster.

    To safeguard your family’s future, do not take any chances. At My Food Storage, we got you covered. We have everything you need. As a trusted provider of emergency supply kits, we have everything to make sure you prepare for the unexpected. We offer food supplies to last you through any situation. All our food and survival kits are offered at a reasonable price.

    My Food Storage is here to make your life easier during calamities. Emergencies and Disasters are stressful enough without you having to worry where to get food and emergency supplies. With My Food Storage, we can help make sure you are as prepared as you possibly could be for any potential emergency or disasters. Keep in mind that disaster can happen anytime and anywhere.

    It is always best to plan ahead of time. Being prepared can make a big difference. Getting the essential 72-hour emergency kit now is better that having to pay price for not thinking about the future. By planning, you safeguard your family’s health and safety. Preparation makes all the difference during emergencies. It helps you keep calm knowing you are prepared. For more information on My Food Storage Emergency Food Kits and Survival Kits visit our Emergency Food Kits page at and learn more on how you can prepare.



    In the midst of any sort of disaster, natural or man-made,  there are certain items you'll need that will be gone off the shelf in the blink of an eye. To prepare efficiently, store these items beforehand to prevent being left with nothing. We always recommend keeping a large supply of emergency provisions, such as food, water and survival supplies. This is the best way of safe guarding your future and ability to survive anything.

    First 10 Things to Go in an Emergency:

    1. Generators- We depend on power for just about everything, and sustaining it is typically the first priority of most people. Keeping your fridge or a space heater running can mean the difference between basic and a more comfortable survival.
    2. Water and Water Filters or purifiers- Water is a must-have. If the pipes freeze over you'll need an alternate source, and if the water is not good to drink you will need a way to purify it. Having a filter is more efficient than boiling water; save as much heat as you can for cooking and warmth.
    3. Portable Toilets- In case plumbing goes down you'll need one, and these typically are off the shelves fast in an emergency. It's a basic, but it's a very important one.
    4. Firewood- Especially in a power outage, firewood is extremely important to stay warm. Alternate heat is vital in the colder months, and even in warmer weather it is important to have for cooking. Make sure your firewood is safe for indoors.
    5. Lamp oil, lamps and wicks- Without power there is no other source of light, which is why oil lamps are another quickly oversold item, a safer and longer lasting alternative to candles.
    6. Emergency Stove fuel- Store a lot of fuel for your emergency fire, we use more heat than we realize, the more you have the better.
    7. Protection: knives, pepper spray, clubs, ammunition and guns- In an emergency we can become very vulnerable, lacking household security systems and electricity. Make sure you have everything you need to protect yourself before disaster strikes to keep your family safe.
    8. Can openers and egg beaters- These items are important in order to eat your perishable supply before it goes bad, make sure they are a part of your emergency supply.
    9. Sugar, honey and syrup- The sweet tooth prevails and these food items are often the first to go. Stock up and rotate as needed.
    10. Grains, beans and rice- Those who do not have a long-term emergency food supply go for these items first. However, these components are difficult to prepare and can spoil quickly. Avoid expensive rotation and empty shelves by investing in our 25 year shelf life meals that simply require water. You'll be glad you did.

    When putting together your emergency supply, keep all of these things in mind so that you're not left empty handed in a crisis. Our long-term food lasts you 25 years and is easy to store and transport in an emergency. It's high quality food with a great taste, prepared by adding water. It's an investment worth making and easy to do on My Food Storage. Our priority is your protection.

    For the full 100 item list of things to go in an emergency, go here.